Last-minute shoppers bustle through Ballard

The busiest spot in Ballard today must have been Fred Meyer.

With no parking spots throughout, cars circled endlessly. In this case, a car parked up on the curb where the parking spot was too narrow. Inside, the checkers were operating at high-speed to process the crowds.

Ballard Market was busy, as well. In Central and Old Ballard, the crowds were not nearly as crazy, but parking was still tough. It’s still too early to tell how this holiday season stacks up, but one retailer told us sales have been brisk.

We’ll post an update after the holidays.

5 comments on “Last-minute shoppers bustle through Ballard”

  1. It was insane out there! Unbelievable traffic. Hard to get my non-X-mas related stuff done. Sigh. Soon it will all be over.

  2. looks the car in that photo is trying to cram a standard size vehicle into a ‘compact’ spot.


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