Crown Hill business owner attacked

Early Monday morning the owner of Thirsty Fish (9041 Holman Rd NW) was attacked by several people, a friend of the victim tells us. According to police, the victim was locking up the restaurant and heading to his car around 4 a.m. when he was struck in the back of the head by an unknown object. The victim wasn’t able to get any suspect information but did tell police that he remembers three or four people punching and kicking him. The attackers were able to get away with a bag of money, his wedding band and wallet.

Detective Mark Jamieson with Seattle Police tells us that this case will most likely be assigned to robbery detectives to investigate. The friend of the victim tells us that his wife took him to the hospital and had a CAT scan, but he didn’t sustain any broken bones or other major trauma during the attack. “I’m hoping the people of Ballard will rally around and support him and his business in light of this senseless crime,” the friend says.

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  1. That sucks, I hung out there one night when it first opened, talking to the owner. He has a nice place and a nice vision for its future. Hope he’s okay and back to work soon.

  2. I live really close by and consistently see unsavory figures walking down 87th NW and up along 15th Ave NW where it splits to Holman. This is where a Dick’s employee was assaulted by a man with a knife, and recently a woman was robbed in her car. I hate that things like this happen, but maybe now we will see a heavier police presence?

  3. More police? Sounds like capitalist oppression to me! Not to mention from the standpoint of the police it would mean, you know, actually doing something.

    Let’s see here- a business owner is attacked and a large some of money is taken from him. The police think it will probably be assigned to robbery detectives. With these kinds of Sherlock Holmeses working for the SPD, no wonder the city is so safe!

  4. Pretty much your typical Goofy’s clientele making its way back home. Punks.

  5. I think McGinn’s problem with the police is that they aren’t doing much about crime, but they do have the time to beat up and sometimes even shoot random people.

  6. Oh, they also have time to write editorial pieces about how the people of Seattle are communists and “the enemy”.

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