Hazardous material spill on Ship Canal boat

Seattle Fire responded to a hazardous material spill on a boat along the Queen Anne side of the Ship Canal on Friday evening.

Several people reported feeling ill, and at least one person was taken to the hospital. We’ll update when we learn more. (Thanks Silver for the tip!)

13 comments on “Hazardous material spill on Ship Canal boat”

  1. Kiro said on the news that a welder caused a leak in a refrigeration system, allowing refrigerant to leak out in gaseous form.

  2. of course it’s the shear idea of a bike trail that is far more dangerous than any of these industrial operations.

  3. I heard the hazmat crew talking about Halon 22, which I had thought was used for fire suppression around computer equipment. I did a search and found that it is also used as a refrigerant. Ya learn something new every day!

  4. Sounds right. It was in a pressurized room of some kind and they were making sure that the door wouldn’t open in an exciting way.

  5. I didn’t realize a bike trail produces and maintains jobs like our industrial operations do…

  6. I heard that a biker wasn’t paying attention on that street and drove into the coolant control equipment. The Cascade Bicycle Club is working on how to pin the blame on a motorist or pedestrian.

  7. Commonly known as R-22 or Freon in the refrigeration business. It’s one of the halons, and is pretty common in industrial refrigeration business. I think it’s getting phased out because of ozone depletion.

    If I’m not mistaken, the incident was at Foss Shipyard based on the little fragment of a yellow sound barrier to the right of the ambulance.

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