Dating safety presentation tomorrow night

This Wednesday, a Ballard online dating company will host a free presentation titled, “Online Dating Safety,” at the Ballard Library at 6:45 p.m.

Cunningham and her fiance, photo by Northern Lights Photography

Laura Cunningham is founder of  the recently launched dating website, Meet Your Match Online. Cunningham will give a presentation about how to protect yourself when using online dating services.  “All singles are welcome and we’ll cover the most current frauds and scams that people are using and provide tips for singles to keep safe while dating in today’s digital world,” wrote Cunningham in an email.

The two biggest dating threats are fraud and assault, according to Cunningham. She says men are more likely to fall victim to fraud, while women have to be careful to avoid assault. “Avoid giving personal information above and beyond whether you like coffee or tea,” said Cunningham. “Don’t give them your mother’s maiden name, for instance,” she laughed.

Cunningham, a former attorney, is now a professional matchmaker.  “It seems an unlikely transition, I know,” she said in a recent press release. “I went from drafting deeds of trust and promissory notes to helping singles find true love. But truthfully,it’s something I’ve been doing for years and just not charging for.”

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  1. Thanks for this update!  I have been to Laura’s presentations before and they are really good.  You will have a great time.  This is a wonderful service for helping people with all aspects of Online Dating.  I wish more Seattle dating agencies would do this type of thing.

    It can be hard to meet the right people in any environment.  Whether you are dating online or offline.  It seems like you always hear the horror stories.

    Good to know how to date safely.   Great tip!  Thanks MyBallard.

  2. Debbie – Common sense is a GREAT asset – if you have it.  Not everyone does, sadly.  Plus, scammers and those out to harm others are getting pretty savvy.
    The news coming out every day tragically proves it.  This information will help forearm daters to know what to watch for. 

    One of my clients used my tips to do her homework and found out a man she had planned to date (NOT one of my recommendations!) had been convicted of manslaughter and in prison the last couple decades. 

    A little knowledge goes a long way…

  3. So if a meet a bird who’s been through your program, I should assume she has no common sense. Thanks, that’ll help separate the wheat from the chaff.

    Hey Swedes, what’s with all the infomercials today?

  4.  Funny I don’t know anyone who has been accosted or conned.
    Horror?  You meet someone and they don’t love you.  Is that the horror of which you speak?

  5. Haha!  No, Bark More, of course you shouldn’t assume he/she has no common sense! 

    Our clients (and techie Northwesterners in general) tend to be quite savvy, but there’s always more to learn when it comes to ways to stay safe.

    Thanks to MyBallard for getting the word out and letting us do our part to help keep its resident singles safe.

  6. I was thinking of offering to host a caption contest, actually.

    “No, no, no!  The matchmaker said I should never go lower than 3 inches below the belt on the first in-person meet!”

  7. “Avoid giving personal information above and beyond whether you like coffee or tea,”
    Yes, a little knowledge does go a long way.  If potential dates are sharing more even before dating someone, there seem to be far bigger issues here and yes, you will probably be laughing all the way to the bank.

  8. Online dating: where the forever alones can meet each other and become together alone.

  9. Expensive services for people without a drop of common sense are booming.

    Welcome to New Ballard.

  10. You sarcastic jerk! I was ripped off to the tune of $10,000. This guy didn’t just contact me and say, “oh, I’m from Accra Ghana and I’m going to steal you money, get you in trouble with the law and break your heart.” He took his time, groomed me, even imed with my daughter, a police officer. He called me everyday, 5 or 6 times and told me that he was located in the Seattle area. I had no idea that the internet was full of these conmen. So, shut up.

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