‘A Caprice Kitchen’ is closing

After more than two years, chef Anne Catherine is closing “A Caprice Kitchen” (1418 NW 70th St.)

In an email sent out to customers, she writes:

This week will be the last week of service at A Caprice Kitchen. It has been a great two and a half years, but it is time for me to move onto another endeavour! I’ve found a wonderful couple to take over the space. They plan to make a few changes, but to continue to serve locally-sourced ingredients on a menu all their own. I’ve valued your support and hope you will share it with the new owners as well! We will be closed today, Wednesday July 6th, but open for dinner Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening this week. July 9th’s dinner will be the last meal served at A Caprice Kitchen, with last weekend’s brunch being our last. I hope you can make it in and savor one last bite at the Kitchen!

-Chef Anne Catherine

“We really loved dining there, as did many of our guests, and we’re sad to see them close their doors,” Melissa and Brian Rice emailed. us. (Thanks Damon for the tip!)

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