Ballard High School students create “Ballardopoly”

A group of clever, business-minded students have created a board game tailored to Ballard. It’s called Ballardopoly, and it was made by Ballard High School’s DECA program. The school’s student marketing group, Ballard Gogetter Co., says Ballardopoly is “hot off the press” and available for purchase at the high school anytime during school hours.

The DECA club created the game in the image of Ballard’s commercial attractions; every tile on the board represents a local company, project or group found in the area. Properties on the board include Cupcake Royale, which costs $100, and Ray’s Boathouse, which goes for $250. Every time a player passes Picolino’s they collect $200. “Ballardopoly is a 2011-2012 snapshot of the Ballard community, spotlighting every hot spot in the area, making it a unique, limited edition piece of history. For a community focused on community and tradition, this new game fits right in,” said Deme Xenos, BHS DECA President.

Ballardopoly will be available for purchase at the school’s biggest fundraising event of the year, the Ballard BASH, on March 16 at the Fremont Studios (155 N 35th St.) from 5:30 to 11:00 P.M. All proceeds from the game will go directly to the BHS DECA club, which prepares students for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges.

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