Ultimate “house boat” passes through Ballard Locks en route to Canada

A rare sight was seen at Ballard Locks yesterday as a family home passed through Salmon Bay and under the Ballard Bridge. The home is being transported to its new owners in Canada.

The home was formerly located at 3640 Evergreen Point Rd in Medina. It was designed by Joe Droshin, a San Francisco based architect, and built by Don Stabbert of Creative Homes in 1977-78. The style of the home is Bay Area School of Architecture and is approximately 5, 000 square feet.

The Stabbert family lived in the home for 33 years before selling it to a Canadian family. They were grateful that they could find some loving owners for the home instead of tearing it down.

The home is being transported to an unknown waterfront lot in Vancouver, BC.

Thanks to our reader Shannon for sending through the information and photos.

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