Woodland Park Zoo names Otter pups after Seahawks’ Legion of Boom

Seahawks Otters Ryan HawkIn honor of the Seahawks, Woodland Park Zoo has named its four Asian small-clawed otter boys (pictured right) after the Legion of Boom. The pups, named Sherman, Thomas, Chancellor and Maxwell, were born at the zoo last June to the sounds of their own cheers, whistles and claps!

If that isn’t showing enough 12th Man pride Woodland Park Zoo has also s sea eagles and spend a day working at the zoo while sporting a Seahawks jersey. s horses and spend a day working with the horses and elephants wearing a Broncos jersey.

“We have a great relationship with our colleagues at Denver Zoo so we thought it would be fun to make a bet where the animals come out as the winners with their favorite treats. We look forward to meeting Denver Zoo’s bird curator!” said Woodland Park Zoo President and CEO Dr. Deborah Jensen.

Seahawks fans can still take advantage of the $3 admission discount if they visit the zoo sporting their Seahawks gear. The admission discount applies only to the child or adult wearing the Seahawks sportswear and is not to be combined with other discounts or promotions.

Click here to check out more photos of Woodland Park Zoo’s very own Legion of Boom.

Photos courtesy of Woodland Park Zoo. Photo credit – Ryan Hawk.

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