Ballard Super Bowl celebrations featured on ESPN

My Ballard reader Sara emailed in to let us know that a Youtube video of the famous Ballard post-Super Bowl celebration “riot” at Market and Leary has been featured on the ESPN website.

Screenshot (1)
The video posted by “The Retroist” seems to be on the way to going viral, with already over 200,000 views!

The video was posted with the caption “Seattle Seahawks fans celebrate their Super Bowl victory in a unique way, dancing in the streets when traffic lights turn green.”

Once again, as Mayor Ed Murray says, “good job Ballard!”

2 comments on “Ballard Super Bowl celebrations featured on ESPN”

  1. I know that some bad stuff happened around the city that night, but for a nice period of time on that corner in Ballard the joy was palpable.

    I am glad the whole country gets a glimpse at how great this city can be through that video.

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