Arrest made in Greenwood murder case, suspect may be Ballard High student

Updated 11:40 a.m. Police say they’ve arrested a 17-year-old suspect in the murder of David Peterson, who was killed on Sunday night near 85th St. and 1st Ave. Police say the suspect was attempting to board a plane at Sea-Tac airport.

KING 5 is reporting the suspect is a senior at Ballard High School. Earlier, KIRO reported that police sources gave them the same suspect name. The student’s name is on the roster of the Ballard High football team.

Detectives are not publicly releasing the name, although it was widely reported yesterday (we are not releasing his name until charges are filed.) Seattle Police say they received information that the suspect was planning to fly out of Sea-Tac, so detectives contacted the Port of Seattle Police, who made the arrest. “There are no suspects outstanding in this case, which remains an active and on-going homicide investigation,” SPD said this morning.

Peterson was discovered in a car in a parking lot near the Greenwood Fred Meyer, dead of a single gunshot wound. Police said he had called 911 to report he had been robbed while on his nightly walk. Police said they were investigating to see if the crime was linked to the robbery of the nearby Baranof restaurant.

On Friday, police searched a home in the 9000 block of 4th Ave. NW., leaving with several bags of evidence.

We’ll update as we learn more. For earlier coverage on the Greenwood murder, visit our sister site

71 comments on “Arrest made in Greenwood murder case, suspect may be Ballard High student”

  1. Finally the Seattle Times gets it right:

    According to an affidavit of probable cause outlining the police case, the boy told detectives he confronted the victim, David L. Peterson, in the 8500 block of 1st Avenue Northwest and attempted to steal his cell phone. Peterson walked away and called 911, at which point the boy confronted him a second time and shot Peterson in the chest, the affidavit says.

    The boy then took the phone, according to police.

  2. “the boy told detectives he confronted the victim”

    Enjoy your next 30 years in Monroe.

  3. Why shouldn’t he be tried as a minor?
    Does he have a previous record?
    The police have no business stating that they are certain he will be tried as an adult.
    Police officers and firemen alike typically have little education to back up such claims.

  4. @52

    I never said football is to blame. Just like video games are not to blame. Or rap music. Or any other pop culture phenomenon that people have tried to claim to be a source of criminal behavior. My point – which apparently is too subtle for your bumper sticker, black/white mindset to comprehend – is that we are more lenient on athletes when they do something wrong. You made the mental midget mistake of jumping to a correlation=causation conclusion which isn’t my point at all. Sorry you’re not sharp enough to figure that out.

  5. @55 Because if he’s tried as a juvenile he could get out when he turns 18 or after just 5 years.

    If it was your loved one, would you think that’s justice?

    30 years to life, minimum. Ballard High School’s last murderer, Elijah Hall, got 27 years for the murder of Manish Melwani in 2009. A horrible crime that he committed at age 17. So Byron will be in the Big House a very, very, very long time.

  6. “I never said football is to blame. ”

    “When you’re telling people to go out there and destroy people, kill them, tear them apart, etc. should it really come as a surprise when behavior that is acceptable on the grid iron spills out into daily life?”

    Which one is it? Pick a lane and stick to it.

  7. I’ve read all the comments and trying to objectively consider the points people made…some of them seem solid and others literally absurd or perhaps simply uneducated. For example: @50 Ballard Mom said, “No soccer player ever killed anyone after all, so it’s almost like science.”
    REALLY?!!!!! Are you drunk or something? A simple internet search coupling any sport with any crime will prove to you that crime is committed by ALL kinds of people. How about the young adult soccer team-member of the 2014 WORLD CUP team who just admitted he killed his girlfriend and fed her to his dogs and dumped their 4 month old baby in a slum . . . his motives, upbringing, etcetera beside the point…. that with every one of Ballard Mom’s posts, I lost every ounce of hope that an educated, thinking brain of some kind was behind them. What do you think science is anyway? I may feel inclined to judge harshly against someone who did murder but ultimately, we should use intelligence to determine what to do with them. Not the blind, deaf, dumb angry villager mob mentality muck splattered all over this comment thread.

  8. @Ballard Mom… either way, thank you for confirming that you are not to be taken seriously. :) Oh wait, I think everyone else already figured that out and I just came in late. I just might go have a martini now knowing we have “moms” like this to trust with the upbringing of our next generations.

  9. Just another black.

    Canada has guns but very little crime. What they don’t have is these retarded farm animals running loose.

  10. I wonder how this kid can go to high school and carry a gun. I would check his record at school was he going everyday do he have a disiplinary problem ? This is were it boils down to I come nothing has been done to provent this from happening

  11. The original news reports mentioned three suspects. What has happened to the other two suspects?

  12. OMG, Ballard Mom you are just trying to get a rise out of the community. Does this make you a better person? Go take a walk, get exercise, reduce your stress. Stop trying to make this about something it isn’t.

    Unfortunately a young man did an extremely dumb thing, and yes he should be punished for this. We don’t know about his parental influence, maybe he grew up on the streets, we do not know and shouldn’t pass judgment on his parents.

    Go away and bug someone else.

  13. Wow. Anonymous commenting does not appear to produce anything remotely resembling productive public discourse.

    Is there a neighborhood forum where only those with confirmed identities are allowed to comment? I would like to be able to share and discuss thoughts, feelings, and ideas about this case, but I’m not about to do it here!

  14. “Unfortunately a young man did an extremely dumb thing,”

    Dumb? Sorry, riding without a bike helmet? That’s dumb. Jumping on the couch? That’s dumb. Arming yourself, robbing someone and shooting them in the chest? That’s not dumb. That’s morally repugnant.

  15. Ballard Mom, talk about blaming parents? Boy, I sure hope you are not a parent and that you are merely 15 years old. If you are a parent, your kid/s must resent you, and if they don’t resent you, then they are total opposite of you. On the same note (if you have kids and they don’t resent you), it goes to show you that regardless of how you raise your kids, potential is limitless. This is a shout out to Sam too, and any others that think bashing the parents and passing judgment on them is OK without knowing who they are or what they have done/not done for their son.

  16. Ah yes, the young man had a fine set of values he learned from his parents. From his charging papers and confession:

    “”The documents alleged White was disappointed that the cellphone he had taken from Peterson “was not a nicer model.””

    Apparent he learned to appreciate the finer things in life growing up.

  17. @Ballard Mom: I truly hope none of your children EVER do anything stupid. Most of them do, despite great parenting. Perhaps you won’t be so judgmental then. This young man is from a two-parent family and was described as very respectful. When your child does something illegal, will you turn him or her into the police for arrest?

  18. Stupid? Is that what you call shooting someone in the chest and then complaining that the phone you stole from the man you just murdered wasn’t nice enough?

    Stupid is as stupid does I suppose.

  19. There is something seriously wrong with this kid, and anyone who shoots someone in the chest after trying to steal a cell phone. I admire his mother for turning him in.

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