Petition created to oppose funding cuts to BHS drama program

Ballard High School Performing Arts Booster parent Christine Bunch emailed in to let us know about a petition that has been created to oppose funding cuts to the BHS Drama program.

According to Christine’s email, Principal Kevin Wynkoop and other board members voted this afternoon on the 2014/2015 budget and drama department cuts were on the table.

“The program has grown so much over the years and has resulted in top-not plays and musicals that the entire community has enjoyed.  Cuts would be devastating. We’ve started a petition which has more than 340 signatures. We’d like to get to 500 signatures,” says Bunch.

Check out a statement written by petition organizers below:

I recently learned that you are considering cutting funding from the Drama program out of the 2014/2015 budget–what would equate to a semester of drama.

As a BHS parent with a student involved in drama and the performing arts, I urge you to reconsider your decision to cut funding. Through drama, my son/daughter, has had the opportunity to not just perform as an actor in a play or musical, but has learned important life skills that he/she would not have learned if it weren’t for the passion, dedication and quality teaching that Mr. Shawn Riley has provided our children.

My son/daughter has learned valuable leadership skills, how to collaborate with a diverse team, public speaking, and he/she has built high self-esteem and confidence–all through a fun, empowering, and safe learning environment.

Click here to check out or sign the petition.

4 comments on “Petition created to oppose funding cuts to BHS drama program”

  1. Seattle public schools aren’t in the education business any more, they’re in the welfare business.

    So no money for education and enlightenment, more money for so-called ‘social justice’ programming.

  2. OK, this might be viewed as a bit picky but here goes.

    As a non-student, non-parent, non-educator at BHS I wish the creators of this petition would have been more inclusive at recognizing the entire community that supports the Arts program(s) at BHS and not just limiting the closing salutation to students, parents, and teachers. Surely those of us who are non-student/parent/teacher supporters of the arts (and other programs at BHS/Seattle Public Schools), as well as being members of the community and tax payers, also play an important role in the support and development of our schools.

    That said I hope they are able to positively influence budgeting decisions by the administrators of BHS/SPS. The drama program, in particular, is really first rate. And while study after study proves the very real, very positive impact that the arts have in the development of our children, they continue to be among the first programs targeted for budget cuts/elimination.

  3. Oh please, Sam. My daughter goes to BHS. She is taking Algebra, Physics, Spanish, US History, Language Arts, and Band. None of which include “social justice programming,” whatever you may say.

  4. Thank you all for your support. Fortunately, the district just released more money to the schools for next year’s budget, and the cut is no longer being considered. It’s wonderful to be a part of such a supportive theater community!

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