Have you seen Sunny in Ballard?


By Joe Veyera

Update (7/18, 3:00 p.m.) – Sunny has been found and reunited with her owners!

My Ballard reader Maureen emailed us to let us know that Sunny has gone missing in Ballard.

Sunny (pictured at right), was being watched by a family at 34th Avenue Northwest & Northwest Market Street, and hopped the home’s fence at around 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday night. The 7-year old dog, described as extremely nice but very shy, was last seen heading north.

“The family has had a rough time of it this summer with house construction and hope to have their puppy back soon,” wrote Maureen in her email.

An original version of this story included the owner’s contact information. 

12 comments on “Have you seen Sunny in Ballard?”

  1. I hope Sunny is found soon. I do have sympathy for lost pet owners but the frequency of postings thereof on this site is becoming disproportionate IMHO. Can we consider only posting for help when pets have been missing for 24 hrs ?

  2. I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with John’s comment. When a pet goes missing, those who love them are so desperate to find them. Tools like this can help tremendously. Please don’t take his suggestion, WE are their voice.

  3. I disagree with both of you.

    Pets that go missing should only be reported when they are dogs. Cats that “oops maybe slipped out” or “outdoor cat that we haven’t seen in awhile” can become coyote breakfast for all I care.

    I am the voice.

  4. Bubby, you are most obviously a complete troll all around. Great to see that role filled so quickly. It’s super to have goals.
    Now, back to the conversation. When a pet has gone missing, time is of the essence and the more people that are on the lookout the better, so waiting 24 hours isn’t really the best option. Additionally, I think it’s great to see people rally together and interact like a caring community.

  5. Folks, it’s not as if “nothing will happen” if we don’t post these notices . I trust the average Ballardite to notice a stray and call animal control and take them into shelter if possible. I’m just suggesting that we meter the “help” to those cases that need it. I imagine many pets show up within 24hrs. This will be my final word on this as it is an emotive and personal topic. I like this site because it has relevant info about my community that I’m interested in. In recent months, it’s becoming more and more a posting board for lost pets…

  6. I am sorry you disagree with me Jen, but I am not a ‘troll’

    Rather, I am a Ballard homeowner who often chases stray cats out of my garden. I spend a lot of time caring for plants that I intend to eat. Sometimes I see these stray cats deficating in my raised beds. I shoo them away, but see them as pests.

    John is right, this site has become a haven for the prototypical Simpson’s ‘cat lady’ who inevitably loses track of her various pets.

  7. Jen is right. Also that Ballard homeowner (no name deserves to be said) is most certainly not the voice, not 1 anybody wants to listen to anyway. I hope those stray cats (who with a little effort on that homeowner’s part could’ve maybe found their home) do deficate all over everything IT grows and consumes and in turn contracts a deadly case of e-coli. How hard is it to help 1 of God’s innocent creatures in need. Don’t worry, Jen. Again, YOU are right, IT is not.

  8. Yes, play outside, get run over by a car, shot by neighboring teen, eaten by dogs. All happened to my outdoor cats. I keep them indoors to keep them alive. And happy, btw.
    As to the OP, time is very important in lost pet cases. This dog, for example, may be seen today by someone who can reunite Sunny with his owners immediately. Another 24 hours, this ‘shy’ dog could be scared into another neighborhood.

  9. I’m so glad I’m not a raging idiot, or any idiot for that matter. Haaa-ha-haa-ha-haaaaaaa, IT (clearly from your response, you know you’re an “it” – now you also know you’re an idiot). Thanks for the laughs, and ego boost; it truly is nice to know you’re more evolved than an object. Please, do not procreate. EVER.

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