Mystery cyclist heroically protects a fallen biker on 15th Ave NW

A man whose girlfriend was protected after being hit by a car on Sunday in Ballard on 15th Ave NW is asking for help to find the cyclist who helped her. We were alerted to the situation on Twitter by user Alithea:

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 7.56.31 AM

The link she provided was to Tom Dewey’s Facebook post in which he says the following:

“My lovely girlfriend got hit by a car while riding her bike today. another cyclist threw his bike in the middle of 15th Ave and stood guard over her til she was safe. This man saved someone I love. I want to find this man and thank him. If you hear someone tell this story, let me know.”

In the comment section, Tom also writes, “Ballard Bridge is hazardous for cyclists, someone quickly merging to head to Magnolia didn’t see the cyclist in the bike lane.” He also mentioned in the comment that his girlfriend is okay, but “shaken up.”

Did you witness this incident, or do you happen to know the cyclist who protected her? If so, email us at or comment below.

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