Celebrate Leif Erikson Day with a Viking Dinner

On Sunday, Oct. 15, the Leif Erikson Hall (2245 NW 57th St) will host a Viking Dinner to celebrate a belated Leif Erikson Day (Oct. 9). Starting at 5pm, the dinner will pay homage to Viking heritage with Vikings from the Viking Encampment, who will tell stories about Norwegian history and the Vikings.

“You’ll hear some fine drinking songs and skals to your health and be able to learn them that evening to share at other gatherings,” the organizers tell My Ballard. “Viking dress is encouraged, but please leave the horned helmets at home if possible as the Vikings didn’t use horns except to make spoons, drinking cups, and other decorative items! Who knows maybe there will be a prize for best Viking! Eat and drink like a Viking who ate very healthy and delicious treats, fresh meat and vegetables, cheeses, bread, fruit, mead and more! No potatoes yet and no forks which hadn’t been invented yet! Bring your carved horn spoon if you want to make one for the event.”

Tickets are discounted at $25 until Oct. 9 (Leif Erikson Day), after which they go up to $30. Kids 13 years of age and under are $10 until the 9th, and $15 after the 9th.

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