Residents dismayed at city’s removal of oak trees on NW 67th St

Ballard residents on NW 67th Street are disappointed at the loss of four old oak trees that once shaded the quiet street next to the Nordic Heritage Museum. Seattle Parks and Recreations representatives say the trees were removed because they were decaying, and posed a risk to nearby parking and recreation.

Ballard resident Katelyn Delbuco lives on NW 67th St, and said it’s been a shock to see the trees disappear. About a month ago, Delbuco saw someone had painted “X” on the trees. “I told my partner that if they were going to remove these exceptional trees they would have to post a notice on them about it,” Delbuco said. “Last Thursday, we came home from work to two of the trees ravaged with no information and no notice.”

Before the removal, the oak trees created a green tunnel over NW 67th St. Photo: Katelyn Delbuco

Schulkin from the Parks Department said they typically put up signs two weeks prior to removal, but because of the elevated risk, they had to act quickly. The city hired a contractor because of the complexity of removing trees so close to power lines.

“I’m so frustrated that the City did not give us an opportunity to speak with anyone or even loop us in on what was planned,” Delbuco said. “We now look out to telephone poles and a chain linked fence. I’ve run into neighbors and people who frequent the park, the Nordic Heritage Museum and our street who are confused and appalled.”

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