Mike’s Chili to appear on the Travel Channel

One of Ballard’s longest-running institutions, Mike’s Chili Parlor will be featured on the Travel Channel’s Food Paradise this Sunday.

Four generations of the Semandiris family have been operating Mike’s Chili since it opened out of a cart in 1922 to serve workers along the Ship Canal. The restaurant moved to its current location on NW Ballard Way near the Ballard Bridge in 1939.

“This is a great opportunity to share our history and passion with America,” said Mike Semandiris, great grandson of the original Mike who started it all. Many of Mike Chili’s regulars attended the Travel Channel shoot, which Mike said was a “fun experience for everyone involved.”

Phil Semandaris, the 3rd generation owner of Mike’s Chili, said they enjoyed working with the Travel Channel crew. “They are all a part of the Chili family now,” he said.

This episode of Food Paradise, “Bodacious Bowls,” will air on Sunday at 6 p.m. our time, and Mike’s Chili Parlor will be holding a viewing party.

4 comments on “Mike’s Chili to appear on the Travel Channel”

  1. Great that Mike’s Chili Parlor Tavern gets recognized. It *is* a Ballard institution. Suddenly I feel the need for a bowl of chili.

  2. I grew up in Ballard – BHS class of 57. The only time I remember Mike’s is going to a place close to the Ballard bridge with my dad when I was very young. I even worked at a loser of a company on 14 NW on the ship canal (made strut drives for boats) and in the course of my short employment, before the boat drive company went TU in 69 or 70, I never went to Mikes Chili Parlor for lunch – unfortunately for me.

    Even after a night of beer at the T Bird, Copper Gate, the Little Pebble bar or the Lockspot (it was a tavern primarily then) our late night munchies place was Beth,s Cafe on Aurora.

    FYI, I was also in the Army Nat Guard at a 120mm AAA gun site at 18th NW and NW 90 currently a playground in Olympic Manor. It was A Btry 770AAA 205 Artillery Battalion. Does anyone remember that? If you were a member of Abtry770 please make a reply to this post.

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