Duke’s files application for Shilshole restaurant

Last May Duke’s Chowder House and the Port of Seattle announced the plan to open a new restaurant at Shilshole Bay Marina. Duke’s was awarded a 20-year lease to build the restaurant and an outdoor seating area overlooking the marina.

Today Duke’s filed the official land use application to get started on the project.

The location of the planned 3-story building is the grassy area in the central plaza area, just to the north of the Leif Erikson statue and south of the marina building (click for larger):

While the project won’t displace any parking spots, the restaurant’s construction — combined with the ongoing upgrade of the marina’s restrooms and a paving project — will disrupt parking at the marina. Restaurant construction is expected to begin around the middle of this year with the Duke’s grand opening slated for mid-2019.

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17 thoughts to “Duke’s files application for Shilshole restaurant”

  1. HURRAY!!
    I love Shilshole and believe it’s a great opportunity for all of Seattle to get some breathing room and a chance to soak in the Olympics and our gorgeous marina. Yay for Duke’s! Yay for Ballard.

  2. I walk down there at least once a week, more in the summer, this is excellent news, but I hope they keep thempath along the edge of the marina open to all pedestrians

  3. will their food be as mediocre as the GreenLake location?

    this is not particularly good news for a foodie village like Ballard. I guess if you’re one of those people who live out in North Beach or such, Dukes is decent enough

  4. There’s nothing wrong with North Beach per se, Gil. I’m sure there’s many nice people living there.

    However, many go there to ‘escape the ills’ of city-living– homeless camps, etc. Yet they’re also escaping the vibrancy that makes Ballard such a great place to live. As such, they deserve Dukes, maybe a Chilis or Olive Garden as well.

  5. Why is no one talking about how mysoginist this proposal is. Those parking spots that are going to be stolen away during construction are where several women park every day going to work/other places every day. I read a study that said women walk 30% farther than men EVERY DAY to work just due to parking restrictions. This is absolutely disgusting and the city should be ashamed of itself for approving the application.

  6. Oh Kenneth, you mustn’t generalize about us North Beach residents. We actually are a varied group. We come from all over Northern AND Western Europe. We are foodies too. We love Dick’s Drive Thru (Holman Road), Panda Express (QFC), Larson’s Bakery and Sopranos. But mostly you’ll find us eating at home enjoying our rockin’ views, the real reason we live in North Beach.

  7. Kenneth, if the “vibrancy” is making you a snark monster maybe you’re missing the point. A good hike at GG will help you reassess vibrancy.
    Cheers & Good Luck

  8. I am a huge fan of Duke’s, especially because they are the only seafood place that I can trust to have truly fresh fish. Do you know that it can take up to 27 days for fish caught in Alaska to make it to the restaurant, often without proper refrigeration? Duke’s serves only Copper River Salmon, caught, cleaned, vaccum sealed and frozen to 37 below zero within the first 48 hours. I read this on their blog, talked to the owners myself, and tasted their fish. It’s delicious. Kenneth, you are way off base here.

  9. For years the Shilshole Bay Yacht Club held monthly dinner meetings at Anthony’s and, at the end of their lease, they closed because the property owners refused to repair the deteriorating deck or replace the old carpets and furnishings.

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