Denny’s wants to reopen in same spot in Ballard

Wow, here’s a surprising development. The franchise company that once operated the now-boarded up Denny’s at 15th and Market called the Ballard News-Tribune and said it wants to reopen the restaurant in the exact same location. “We would reopen tomorrow if possible,” said Gene Erdman, director of human resources for DWO, a California-based company. “I can tell you with 100 percent assuredness we are ready to open back up tomorrow. We’d mobilize our troops… we want to be (in Ballard).” Of course, developers plan to build an eight-story condo there, but the Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board would throw a wrench into their plans if it votes on Feb. 6th to make the Denny’s building a historical landmark. So who knows what could happen.

So, would you want Denny’s back? The condo? Something else at that corner?

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