Parking in Ballard on a Friday night

We decided to eat at Lombardi’s on Market and 24th, and I had a Belltown flashback as we circled for parking. A spot opened up, but we were squeezed out at the last moment. So when we spotted a car pulling out of another spot, we resorted to flipping a U-turn (not very Ballard of us) — a technique I learned over the years trying to park in Belltown. Of course, Ballard has a ways to go until it’s as bad as Belltown. Or worse, Capitol Hill. But with the departure of the QFC lot and the increased popularity of the restaurants and bars in the Market/Ballard Ave/24th area (not to mention the new condos in the vicinity), it’s only going to get worse without more public or pay-lot parking.

Adds Chelsea in comments: “We live on 56th in-between 24th & 28th. Parking has been horrrrrible since they closed off the QFC spot. New townhomes just went up for sale, and we’re dreading the extra cars those homes will bring. Sigh.”

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