Review: Zayda Buddy’s Pizza

Zayda Buddy’s opened in Ballard on Leary near 20th about three months ago or so, so we decided to stop in for lunch to check it out.

First off, the decor is very cool: sort of Ballard hipster alehouse with a Midwestern flair. The menu’s centerpiece is its Minnesota-style pizza, so we ordered up a half-and-half 14-incher along with some buffalo wings. The wings were good, not too hot (although some guys may say they’re not hot enough.) The pizza — thin crust, cut into squares — was good as well, although the tomato sauce can be a little overbearing if you only order a couple toppings (I had the “Ballard Bridge,” and it was tasty.) All in all, we recommend it, especially for late-night pizza snacks and drinks.

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