Guerrilla .com signs: Smart marketing or clutter?

A spate of signs have shown up strapped to parking signs and street posts in Ballard and Fremont… and who knows where else in Seattle. Handbills stapled to telephone poles are pretty common, but this approach seems new for the neighborhood.

The site is part of a network of sites that started in Canada and is expanding to the U.S., according to their site, which says most of the management team is located in nearby Victoria, B.C. Is this smart marketing (the signs did convince me to write about it, so score one for them), or do they risk a backlash by adding to the visual clutter?

Adds Liza in comments: “They’re obnoxious – I counted like 30 signs in a 2 mile stretch through Ballard and Fremont. I also saw ‘UsedUW’ signs littered all over the U-District as well. We were wondering if there’s a litter law that makes that kind of wasteful marketing illegal.”

One thought to “Guerrilla .com signs: Smart marketing or clutter?”

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