Feathers fly in Ballard pillow fight

Right on schedule, at 2:22 p.m in the middle of Ballard, a flash mob pillow fight began with a whistle blow. Pillows suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and over 50 people started swinging. Everyone was a little timid. At first.

After the first few smacks, people started getting into it. Even this intrepid reporter took a few shots. Then the pillows exploded…

Feathers started flying like a March snowstorm in the middle of Ballard.

TV news crews pressed in for a closer shot.

Five minutes later, it was all over. People were supposed to walk away like nothing had happened, but a layer of feathers covered just about everything — even the homeless guy who was trying to sleep through it all on a bench nearby. Of course, we shot it all on video for your viewing pleasure…

Update: Tons more photos here, and more video here.

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