Safeway gas station opens to low prices

Safeway on Crown Hill has just opened its gas station to a low introductory price of $3.40 a gallon, which is about .15 cents cheaper than everywhere else. Plus, you can get an additional .20 cents off if you’re a Safeway card member and buy $50 bucks worth of groceries.

You may remember, Safeway’s plans to open a gas station at 15th and 83rd drew considerable criticism from neighbors who didn’t want all the added traffic. To avoid a drawn-out fight, Safeway agreed to make some design changes: building a noise fence, increasing the landscaping buffer between the station and homes, planting more trees and financing a traffic study.

Adds Mel in comments: “I live close to this gas station and I can tell you that traffic has increased substantially since they began the remodel of the Safeway in October of last year and it certainly hasn’t tapered off since the gas station opened. I won’t support Safeway by buying their cheap gas or anything else they sell for that matter. I’ll gladly pay the extra $.30 a gallon for gas and I’ll walk down to the local market to buy my groceries.”

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