Archie McPhee’s: We may have to close

Archie McPhee’s warns that if Governor Christine Gregoire signs a new toy testing bill, the store will have to close its doors. The bill would require that toys contain only 90 parts per million of lead — well below the federal standard of 600 parts per million. “The new testing requirements would cost Archie McPhee’s, which stocks over 10,000 different types of toys and knick-knacks, an estimated $5,000,000 a year,” reports Seattlest. “The cost of the tests alone would force McPhee’s out of business.” We have an email into Archie McPhee’s to find out more. In the meantime, this WSJ story (free) provides some great background on the bill and its possible impact.

Update: The Seattle PI reports Governor Gregoire is troubled by the lack of an exemption for lead in electronic chips, which she fears would restrict educational games. Asked if she’ll sign the bill, she said: “I don’t know yet.”

Update: We just interviewed David Wahl at Archie McPhee’s right here.

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