Hops crisis threatens Ballard’s Maritime Pacific

The price of hops, a key ingredient in beer making, has gone from $220 for a 44-pound box to about $890 at the end of last year, according to a recent Seattle Weekly article. It’s driving up expenses — and beer prices, which you’ve probably noticed lately if you’ve perused the micro offerings at your Ballard-area grocery store.

The cost spike forced Pacific Rim Brewery in White Center out of business and they may be only the first local craft brewer to go under, SW writer Laura Onstot asserts. Maritime Pacific Brewing Company owner George Hancock put it succinctly: “What’s the plan? Just try to survive.”

Knowing George, he’s not kidding around. So, if you’re a local business supporter, consider making the sacrifice to lift a pint at the Jolly Roger Taproom on Leary. Now if only all sacrifices tasted so good…

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