How’s the new Safeway gas station working out?

It’s been a month now since the new gas station behind the Safeway at NW 83rd Street and 15th Avenue NW opened. Have neighbors’ fears about it materialized?

When word first surfaced about it replacing a vacant bank building, some neighbors organized a campaign to block construction, saying the lure of cheap gas would bring increased traffic and overflow problems into the surrounding neighborhood.

In an informal survey, the station did have the cheapest gas in the area today – but it’s not necessarily a given if the other Safeway station at 15th and Market is any indication. That station’s gas prices were the same as the most expensive stations this morning.

When I went by the new station, there was one minivan filling up. A few more vehicles pulled up in the few minutes, but it was hardly a crush of cars parading through the neighborhood like you find at Costco stations.

Other sites do a better job of staying on top of prices, but here’s what I saw:

  • $3.45: Safeway at 83rd and 15th.
  • $3.49: 7-Eleven on 24th Avenue NW and NW 62nd Street.
  • $3.51: 7-Eleven on Leary Way and 11th Avenue NW.
  • $3.55: The Safeway on 15th and Market, as well as the three Shell stations at 70th and 15th, 15th and Market and NW 55th/Market  and 8th Avenue NW.

So, what’s your impression of the station’s impact? And, would you use it?

Adds Biff in comments: “Wow that group was over the top and surprise! …wrong.”

Counters Mel in comments: “…for anyone who believes that the surrounding areas haven’t been impacted by the station, well, think again.”

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