Garage sale at new park property

The outgoing owners of Ballard’s newest city park at 70th St. and 9th Ave. are a holding a garage sale this weekend (they’re moving by the end of the month), so we decided to stop by to get a better look at the property.

The property is larger than it looks when you combine all the gardens and backyards. Here, they’re selling a bunch of old gardening tools.

The landscaping in back is in very good shape.

But things get interesting when we descended into the basement of the largest building, which years ago was the Seventh Elect Church in Israel commune (the sign says, “Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.”) Here we found an antique washing machine, a row of old toliets, Bibles from the 1950s, widemouth jars, antique vanities and mirrors, and other old, moldy stuff.

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