Second time’s a charm for 9th Ave. park

Back in 1993 the City of Seattle tried to purchase the land on 9th Ave. & 70th St. to build a park but the Seventh Elect Church in Israel didn’t want to sell. Now, 15 years later, the now-defunct spiritual group is getting $3 million for the piece of land. The city council voted unanimously on Monday to buy the property and the sale is scheduled to close on April 30th. Neighbors of the park are already taking an active role in the park. David Harris of the parks department tells one of our readers that the structures will eventually be taken out and the hedge will be pruned, but public input will be an integral part of how the park will look.

As Jahara reminded us in comments (and we just swung by to see for ourselves), there’s a garage sale there Saturday and Sunday “to get rid of furniture and other stuff the previous occupants left behind.”

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