More Ballard businesses come and go

Here are a few more recent business changes in Ballard. As always, if you see something new in the neighborhood, please drop us a note.

     – A clerk at Rain City Video on 32nd Ave. and 65th St. told us that the boarded-up space across the street is believed to be a new restaurant under construction with a killer outside deck (photo above).
     – Right next to the closed-down Zagi’s Pizza on 80th, a new law office called “Terence & Terence” has opened.
     – My Ballard reader Martina says American Drapery and Blind on Market St. near 17th has closed, and a sign in the window gives a number to call for information about deliveries and future orders.
     – Ballard Gossip Girl reports that the Golden City Chinese restaurant and bar on 20th near Market is temporarily closed for repairs.
     – The Seattle Mattress Company is moving into the old antique store location along 15th Ave. south of 65th St.

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