Good turnout at Sunset Bowl auction

We stopped by around lunchtime to see how the auction was progressing, and we arrived in time to see one guy buy all the lanes for $1,000 each. Well, it was just the synthetic top of all the lanes — not the gutters, sensors and the original maple wood underneath, which were all auctioned off separately.

Also, they sold the entire scoring system — computer, floor displays, monitors — for all the lanes for a total of $3,200. (In this case, that’s the total of all the individual bids, as some folks just bought a couple of the floor displays.)

But we left before the most popular items — the bowling pins — were auctioned off. Since the lot sizes are so large (it looks like you have to buy a few dozen pins at a time), we’re betting some of this will soon appear on Craigslist.

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