7 thoughts to “Le Gourmand”

  1. I continue to love this place. Bruce knows how to cook. Period. To the person below who would prefer Le Pichet to Le Gourmand – when they can cook a piece of meat and sauce it like Bruce Naftaly can, then I'll happily pay for your meal.
    Until then, I'll be at Le Gourmand. (paying less now, too, by the way, with a prix fixe menu)

  2. We went for Valentine's Day a few years ago and had a last-minute emergency an hour before our reservation and tried to cancel. They tried hard to find a replacement, but couldn't – which was understandable under such short notice. We ended up going to our reservation, but needless to say, couldn't enjoy it much as we had just received some very bad news about a family friend. Once we were there, the service wasn't extraordinary (somewhat “snooty”), and the meal was VERY overpriced. The food was good, but not great. Overall, not impressed and would much rather spend $250 dollars on a nice meal at Daniel's Broiler. Won't be going again…

  3. I’ve been several times, never disappointed. It’s expensive and worth it. Their bar next door (Sambar) is also excellent & less pricey.

  4. It is true that prices at Le Gourmand are higher-than-average, but this is because nearly all of the produce and meats come from local sources (mostly organically-grown / raised). On top of that, the food is consistently magnificent. So, you really do get what you pay for.

  5. I disagree with this review. Our experience at Le Gourmand was disappointing and terrible-food, service, prices. I would definately NOT recommend this restaurant.

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