Ridge’s Greenwood Bakery suddenly closes

A tipster hankering for a cookie at the Greenwood Bakery on Phinney Ridge discovered a locked door and a sign saying they’re permanently closed.

Even weirder, “there were still cookies in the case and perishable pastries in the cooler. Another distraught bakery patron was standing there stunned and wondering when it happened,” our tipster writes. A checker at Ken’s Market who’d been gone a few days told her she just noticed the sign today. Given the Bento Sushi post, it seemed a check of the King County Health Inspections Web site was in order, but it shows they passed their last inspection in February.

The bakery’s days were numbered anyway, as Ken’s is expanding into their space and has their own bakery and expanded deli in their plans. All the same, an ignominious end to what I believe was the only on-site bakery on the ridge.

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