Veraci Pizza opening restaurant in Ballard

In our post a few weeks ago about the demise of Paradise Pizza at Market St. and 6th Ave., we asked for your pizza recommendations. Some readers praised Veraci Pizza at the Ballard Farmer’s Market as the “best in Ballard.”

Well, Veraci fans, it looks like your dream is coming true. We just saw a sign on Paradise Pizza’s door that Veraci is moving in later this summer. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Veraci, they’re the folks with the traveling wood-fired pizza oven at the Ballard, Fremont and Bellevue Markets. Now it looks like their pizza will be available weekdays, too.

Update: Veraci Pizza owners Errin & Marshall Jett emailed us back with details. “Yes, we are moving into 500 NW Market and are very excited about it!” they write. “We are going to put in one of our wood-fired pizza ovens as well as some seating for our guests. We will be updating the outside as well with a small outdoor deck & trellis. We plan on selling pizzas whole & by the slice as well as salads, beer & wine, san pellegrino, izze, dry sodas to start.” The plan is to open by mid-July to early August.


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