Flap over nude photos on Ballard ArtWalk

Photographer Jim Wilkinson displayed his show, “Normal Sometimes Naked People,” at Kiss Cafe for the Ballard ArtWalk this last Saturday. On Sunday, the Kiss Cafe owner “removed two images from the show” that featured male nudes, reports The Stranger, but none of the photographs revealed any private parts. Rather than have his show edited, Wilkinson decided to take everything down. A short time later, he posted this terse note on his website. The show was scheduled to run through June 9th.

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Jim Wilkinson Images

LOL. I just came across this old post. So your “international photogrpahy” has been up for about two years now and your most viewed photos have two views! TWO. In two years. Yeah, your stuff is great!!! I salute your success. Meanwhile, my flickr account has had over 7,250,000 views in the last 3 years. And by the way, you taking photos of someone else’s art is not “art”. It’s a feeble atttempt at ripping off their art. Pathetic indeed.

And to the other local geniuses quoted above, the Kiss owner only wanted the male image (side view, NOTHING showing) taken down. It was homophobia, pure and simple. And he wanted another taken down because the man “looked gay”. That’s a direct quote.