‘Pizza Picolinos’ owners address music fears

There’s been quite the discussion on two Ballard blogs — At Large in Ballard and right here on My Ballard — about the new restaurant going into Sunset Hill on 32nd between 64th and 65th. It all began when the restaurant, Pizza Picolinos, filed a liquor license that requested clearance for “amplified” live music.

As you might imagine, that got the attention of neighbors in the area. Now the owners have posted an open letter in the Ballard News-Tribune announcing they’ve removed that specific request from the liquor license to put to rest any concerns about loud music. “Our format is for live piano music inside the bar area during cocktail hour and/or similar music during dinner hours on holidays or special occasions,” writes Tom Bailiff and Vipul Shah. “Music, I repeat, whether live or recorded, in the restaurant and garden court yard would be ambient and at a conversation level. We have no desire to have our own voices, nor those of our patron’s dinner conversations drowned out by blaring music.” They said the restaurant is slated to open in August.

Meanwhile, Bailiff and Shah also made a point of criticizing the “rumors, gossip and blogging” surrounding the restaurant, which Peggy Sturdivant does a good job of addressing in this blog post.

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