Police seek driver who ran over baby girl

On Thursday, we posted the story about a hit and run involving a child in a stroller at McDonald’s on Market Street. Now KOMO TV has covered the story with some more details. Fortunately, the 9-month-old girl is OK — just scrapes and bruises. It all started when the mom, Jennifer Pisano, was pushing Sofia in a stroller across the street in front of the McDonald’s when a white Honda CRX nearly hit her. The young driver pulled in the McDonald’s drive-thru, and Pisano said she walked up and confronted him, saw an open beer can and threatened call 911. That’s when he jammed the car into gear. “I saw the stroller being pushed under the car for maybe 10 feet, then under the tires. Heard the plastic crunching,” a witness told KOMO. Luckily, the stroller only partially collapsed, and Sofia was saved. Amazing. Police have a partial license plate, and they’re still searching for the suspect.

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