Debate rages over new Olympic sign

Remember a few months ago, somebody ripped off the arrow on the vintage sign in front of the Olympic Athletic Club in Old Ballard?

Mark Durall, general manager at Olympic, wants to restore what’s left of the sign with the Olympic Athletic Club logo. But some members of the Ballard Avenue Landmark District Board balked at the idea, because the new sign looks “completely different” than the old sign, reports the Ballard News-Tribune. Durall was asked to come back with a new proposal.

Meanwhile, the manager of King’s Hardware retroactively asked for permission for the PBR mural painted on the side of the building last month. The board unanimously denied his request, and they want him to remove it. As the News-Tribune says, the board rules “with an iron fist” when businesses along Ballard Ave. request changes in their appearance.

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