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It’s been six months since we launched My Ballard, and the response has been unbelievable. The biggest surprise has been the enormous role that all of you play in helping us cover the neighborhood. At least half of My Ballard’s stories originate from tips or comments, and we’ve been very proud to host ongoing debates about the issues that are important to our neighborhood. Over the months, we’ve heard from our Phinney Ridge and Greenwood readers — what about a similar blog for Ballard’s adjacent neighborhoods? So with the help of our Phinney Ridge friends, Doree and Dale (who live very close to Greenwood), we’re happy to announce we’ve launched

The first question you may have: will My Ballard stop covering Phinney Ridge and Greenwood? Nope. PhinneyWood just will feature more of it. Our goal is to foster the same community that’s here on My Ballard but focus more on issues that are unique to our neighbors to the east. Honestly, it’ll take us a few weeks to get used to the connection between the two blogs, and we ask your patience. (Each blog links the other in the upper right-hand corner). So check out and let us know what you think in comments below…

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