9 thoughts to “Hamburger Harry’s”

  1. LOVE THIS PLACE. I have been here 5 times.the endless fry's are AWESOME, the wings are GREAT!!! burgers are amazing!!!!!!!!! great place to watch a game or just grab a quick bite.

  2. this is by far the best burger in seattle i had the bbq burger it was awsome. the others i was with had jalepeno, onion, and chicken club they were all awsome. highly reccomend to everyone who loves burgers

  3. Hamburger Harry's has been a quick fix when we're out with the kids, but what is up with a glass of wine for $7.50, not only the price, but a 3 oz glass, c'mon folks, there is enough decent wines out there, that you can keep your small glass and give us a reasonable price!

  4. This was the first burger place we tried after moving to Ballard. We enjoyed our burgers and were surprised with the variety of toppings you could have. The service was friendly, but did not get the order right however she did quickly correct it. The 2nd place we tried was Zak's and we haven't been back to Harry's since. Zak's was cheaper and had WAY better fries. While their ingredients aren't nearly as creative as Harry's, I don't crave creative. I crave a regular old burger. I'd really only recommend Hamburger Harry's if you have a particular specialty burger you want to try, don't eat french fries, and don't mind paying more.

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  6. The burger was tasty (I had the one with avocado and bacon) the fries were good, the waitress was terrific, and the best part – I could have a cocktail with my burger. Will definitely return.

  7. French fries were limp. Hamburger could only be eaten with knife and fork. It fell apart when picked up to take a bite. Won't go back.

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