A bizarre Ballard cat mystery

OK, ready for this one? A very old cat goes missing in Ballard, and the owner puts up posters in the neighborhood. Eight days later, someone puts up a mysterious note next to one of the posters:

To Benjamin’s Family: Benjamin was found near here in physical distress. He was vomiting and his breathing was not normal. He had no tag or collar, and so was thought to be a stray. He was taken and cared for, but his condition was severe and he did not live. Please know that he was held and comforted in the most tender way, and did not die alone. We are very sorry for your loss.

The owner is “creeped out” by the message, and he puts up another poster: “If you left the note, call us. We want his body back, no questions asked.” No word on what happened next, and we’ve emailed the owner for an update.

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