Neighborhoods gather for ‘Seattle Night Out’

Dozens of block parties recognized Seattle Night Out across Ballard Tuesday night to reinforce neighborhood crime awareness.

This block party on 9th Ave. near 70th St. featured hot dogs, a potluck and balloons for the kids (and adults, too).

A block away on 10th Ave., a band played from someone’s front yard. If you have a photo of your block party, please send it to us and we’ll post it here.

Adds Tom in comments: “Hey, that’s my old house in the photo…. The band is Kula Loach, long time Seattle band in the Grateful Dead mold.”

Update: Wayne sent us this photo of a block party on Sunset Hill.

“The picture is from the top of Engine 18 which came by and let the kids climb all over the truck,” he writes, adding that he’s especially fond of Engine 18 because they saved his house a couple years ago.

Kerry took this photo at the block party at 67th St. and 4th Ave. And Joe from the Sunset Hill Community Association sent us these photos below of their adventures handing out ice cream bars at several block parties…

Thanks everyone for the photos!

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