4 thoughts to “Golden City”

  1. Food was okay, but if you have your order delivered, check your order before they leave. 95% of my orders were wrong. I always ask for steamed rice and they would give me fried. They could never remember the correct soup. The final straw was when I noticed they kept rounding up the bill after the tax was added on.

  2. Fast delivery- always been happy with the food. Rice is a little bit dry. Wish they would serve brown rice. Walnut shrimp and chicken broccoli are the best!

  3. You know what M, you can shove This food up your ass, and you will still be begging for more of golden city’s orange chicken. Just because you think that the facility is seedy dose not mean the food isn’t good I bet you were writing this comment while eating at china harbor. If you think golden city is bad the only thing you taste at a restaurant are the leather seats.

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