Big crowd for J.P. Patches statue unveiling

Hundreds of Patches Pals flocked to Fremont today for the unveiling of the J.P. Patches statue, “Late for the Interurban.”

There were lots of people who grew up in the Seattle area who loved watching JP Patches during the show’s run on KIRO from 1958 to 1981.

Governor Gregoire, Congressman Jim McDermott, King County Executive Ron Sims were among the politicians on hand for the ceremony.

The crowd was filled with Patches Pals who wore red noses to honor JP (chris Wedes) and Gertrude (Bob Newman).

The statue was designed by a local artist Kevin Pettelle. And… here it is…

JP and Gertrude were mobbed by the crowd as they unveiled the statue while the news media and the rest of us tried to get a photo of the pair. The permanent statue is located just east of the Waiting for the Interurban statue on 34th Ave in Fremont and is a collection site for donations to Children’s Hospital.

Hours after the ceremony crowds were still milling around and taking pictures at the statue.

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