Memorial grows at chopped Fremont tree

A week ago, workers severely trimmed a weeping poplar tree in Fremont, days after the tree received “Heritage Tree” status from the city of Seattle.

The tree lives on the border of two properties. One side is owned by Patricia Halsell, who nominated the tree for Heritage status. The other by business owner Dan Cawdrey, who ordered workers to cut down the massive branches on his side of the property because he said he was worried someone would get “hurt.” The branches hung over a pay parking lot.

This weekend, a memorial of candles, flowers and messages is growing around the base of the tree. We spoke to Halsell and another neighbor, who said Cawdrey worked quickly to trim the tree after he learned it was nominated.

For his part, Cawdrey told the PI that he loves trees and was sorry, but “let’s move on… the tree is still here.” Perhaps not for long. The Seattle city arborist says it may not survive the drastic trimming.

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