Construction chief tending to Edith’s estate

There’s a follow-up on Edith Macefield’s will and the future plans for her home, which is surrounded by the Trader Joe’s construction project on 46th St. As suspected, Edith left construction superintendent Barry Martin in charge of her estate. The Seattle PI reports:

As to the house, Martin said its future remains unknown. “There wasn’t anything spelled out to save it for posterity,” Martin said. “As a matter of fact, she just wanted to keep the house long enough to finish her use of it.”

Some have suggested saving the home in Edith’s memory, but it appears from Martin’s comments that it’s unlikely. As for the will, it’s a living trust Edith created 15 years ago, which means the details will remain under wraps. Martin says it will take some time to get Edith’s affairs in order. Perhaps even longer than the scheduled completion of the contruction project, scheduled for October. (Thanks all for the link!)

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