65 bands in Ballard on a single night

If you’re looking for peace and quiet this Saturday night, you might want to avoid Old Ballard. But if you’re a local music fan, you’re in for a real treat — ReverbFest is back in the neighborhood with 65 bands at 9 different venues. The Seattle Weekly calls it the “only local music festival devoted entirely to local music” featuring bands like Moondoggies, Grayskul and Aqueduct.

“The fact that all these performers, from singer-songwriters like Zach Harjo to lesbian hip-hoppers Team Gina, can gather under this big umbrella we call Reverbfest is truly a testament to the vitality of this city’s scene,” explains the Weekly. See the full lineup here. Tickets will run you $8 in advance, $10 at the event. Today’s the last day (Thursday) for advance tickets, and you can pick them up at the Tractor, the Sunset or online.

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