Movie filming on Ballard Ave.

After shooting yesterday in Lincoln Park in West Seattle, the movie crews for “The Whole Truth” starring Elisabeth Rohm have moved to Ballard Ave.

As of 9 a.m., they’re setting up right in front of Bark, the pet boutique.

Director chairs set up nearby feature Elisabeth Rohm’s name (from Law & Order fame), so it looks like she’ll be on scene for this shoot. Our tipster Don said he heard they will also be shooting inside Zayda Buddy’s nearby.

Ballard Ave. remains open, but no parking signs stretch down the north side of the street for a couple blocks. No word on how long the shoot will last.

Crews get Bark ready for its moment in the spotlight. Once again, it looks like Ballard is becoming the Hollywood of the Northwest (except for Vancouver), with Robin Williams, Jerry Seinfeld and Rachael Ray all shooting here in the last few months. If you’re able to snap some photos of today’s action, please send them to us. And our sincere thanks to Don who tipped us this morning!

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