More snow expected overnight, tomorrow

Another round of snow is moving in, but not as much as this last weekend. “There should be an inch or two by the end of the Wed. morning commute,” explains UW professor Cliff Mass on his popular weather blog. “At this point it looks like temperatures will warm up enough by midday that that the snow might turn very wet or even to rain at the lowest elevations… but we are right on the edge.” The National Weather Service is warning that these warming temperatures combined with the rain will result in significant “pooling” in urban areas, which is another way to say we could see some flooding.

Meanwhile, traffic around Ballard has been congested in spots as more people take to the roads, some driving very slowly and a few others getting a little too aggressive with their SUVs and pickup trucks (we saw one SUV spinning in circles in the Sunset Bowl parking lot this evening). 15th Ave. for most the late afternoon and into the evening was stop-and-go from 65th all the way up to 85th. The drive down Market St. from Fremont was stop-and-go as well. With another round of snow and the last shopping day before Christmas tomorrow, you can expect traffic is only going to get worse.

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