Big thaw begins, flood watch issued

2:15 p.m. update: The rain is falling steadily (as a rain-snow mix on Phinney Ridge), and the snow is melting along with it. This is 8th Ave. near 65th:

And here it was two days ago:

A flood watch has been issued for the greater Puget Sound region, urging residents to clear storm drains to minimize the risk of urban flooding.

This morning, we noticed this SDOT crew clearing a drain at 51st and 8th Ave.

Most of these drains are packed over with snow and ice. “What people can do at home is, if they have a storm drain that’s out front and they know where its at and they have a shovel or a broom that’s available, they can clear the drain of snow and basically do what we’re doing,” said Carrie Parker, Seattle Public Utilities Dept. To report a drainage problem, call 684-3000, or 386-1800 if there’s a blockage below the street surface. Other tips: clear heavy snow off the side of your house and your back porch so water won’t leak inside.

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