Wind blows trash cans, knocks out power

First the snow was too deep for garbage trucks, now the wind is blowing trash and garbage cans all over the place.

We had to run around the neighborhood looking for our glass recycling bin (which is still missing), while a neighbor looked for his lid. Thankfully our garbage had already been picked up. We received this email from Steve:

There is a LOT of trash blown all over the streets and yards everywhere I drove in Ballard and Greenwood and Phinney today. The city is not going to clean it up so it’s up to all of us to take care of the stuff we can see around our homes and streets.

Update: About 1,500 customers in Crown Hill and Blue Ridge lost power for a couple hours this afternoon due to the high winds.

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bin cleaning equipment

Good thing I had just clean my bin, LoL!!!1 that wind is really naughty all the bins are scattered to the street